Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest professions of the decade, and the demand for data scientists who can analyze data, use AI solutions and present results to make data driven decisions has never been greater. These winter and summer courses will help anyone interested in AI to develop career-relevant skills in the most up-to-date engineering areas.

First edition: 26.06-30.06.2023

Second edition: 3.07-7.07.2023

Deadline: 20.06.2023!

Limited number of participants
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Course I: Advanced artificial intelligence technologies in autonomous driving, healthcare and robotics

Day 1: Model interpretability and uncertainty assessment in computer vision tasks

Day  2: Embedded artificial intelligence and neuromorphic cameras in autonomous vehicles.

Day 3: Mixed reality in healthcare applications – new opportunities for surgery planning

Day  4: Reinforcement learning as a challenging task in robotics

Day  5: Artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles in practice: how to use AI/ML techniques to solve control problems based on DuckiTown experimental platform of micro-traffic environment

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Course 2

Course II:  Advanced artificial intelligence technologies in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing

Day  1: Introduction to Deep Learning.

Day  2: How to optimize neural network models.

Day  3: A practical guide to texts classification on Twitter.

Day  4: How to recognize names when you see it?

Day  5: Looking for understanding in text sequences.

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Course III: Efficient usage of HPC systems in artificial intelligence and machine learning research

Day  1. Introduction to HPC systems

Day  2. Efficient usage of GPGPU and other HPC resources

Day  3: Efficient usage of Python on HPC systems

Day  4: Introduction to ML/AL usage on HPC

Day  5: ML/AL in Natural Language Processing on HPC

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Course 3